Cai & Lenard Law Firm seeks to attract highly motivated, irrepressible employees that are fond of law, attentive to details, insistent in looking for answers, who will overwhelm partners with initiativeness.


Of course, experience is a huge advantage for employee but there is nothing more important for us than your curiosity – something that won’t let you rest until you comprehend incomprehensible and turn unknown into familiar and simple. Those who got used to “sit out” or whose goal is to draw a salary in return for formalist performance of duties are unlikely to take root in our Firm.


For our part we offer many options: interesting projects, friendly team environment and comfortable office. You will get an opportunity to increase your coefficient of legal efficiency daily, take part in conducting interesting researches, learn to write excellent expert articles and master the art of public speaking on radio and TV.


All that is missing Cai & Lenard Law Firm is you - send your resume to