What are European standards of legal services?

Standard № 1. Price

Lawyers should be professional, regardless of case value. Client may be surprised that in ten cents case legal services of Cai & Lenard’s lawyers are estimated at three thousand Euros. But one who pays the same three thousand for a case worth ten million will be surprised much more.

“I cannot imagine why a tax dispute legal support fee should depend on the amount of a claim! This turns a fee to additional tax for the client. Following this logic, doctors should bill according to the intensity of pain.”
Konstantin Pilkov,
Partner with Cai & Lenard

Standard № 2. Only necessary services

Cai & Lenard lawyers analyze new business and offer options. Only after strategy approval by the client the legal services actually start and the Firm is hired.”

“Client cannot and should not pay for lawyer’s listening and understanding of the case. Before purchasing, all of us want to check the quality, make sure that the product suits us, and get answers to questions. Legal services are no exception.”
Dmytro Symanov,
Counsel with Cai & Lenard

Standard № 3. Flawless reputation

Each advice is carefully weighed, every action is well-considered. Mistakes are exorbitant luxury, which Cai & Lenard’s lawyers used to work without.

“History, name and reputation of the Firm will speak when advertising & PR will fall silent. This is where it all started and what we will hand down to partners who will come after us. There is no greater value. There is no greater burden of responsibility. No guarantee is more reliable.
Daria Zaseda,
Partner with Cai & Lenard

In the press What to expect from taxmen in 2014 and what has this to do with the World Bank?

The article reveals an interesting regularity of the authorities’ actions in the tax sphere, the regularity which will be also preserved in 2014. Understanding of this regularity may help to reasonably assume what changes are possible in the tax sphere and what are not (The article is available in Russian only)

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On TV Tele-comment on VAT-bonds issue planned by the Government

Konstantin Pilkov, Cai & Lenard’s Managing Partner, gave a legal commentary for Business TV channel regarding VAT-bonds issue planned by the Government.

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Current projects
New Tranche for BAYADERA GROUP

Cai & Lenard’s banking practice team headed by Managing Partner Anton Lukovkin has successfully supported the project on receiving a new tranche for BAYADERA GROUP.

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Cai & Lenard Supported Opening Vsi. Svoi | Home and Decor Store

The largest platform of Ukrainian brands Vsi. Svoi opened a new thematic household goods store Vsi. Svoi | Home and Decor. Legal support of the project was provided by Cai & Lenard.

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Ensuring Tax Justice

Cai & Lenard’s Tax Practice team has successfully defended its client, WIBERG UKRAINE, and won in a dispute with the state tax inspection of Ukraine.

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Completed projects
ART-rights Under Protection

Cai & Lenard’s lawyers have successfully assisted in restructuring of copyright management system for Nu Art Gallery that included drafting of a set of agreements.

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Investments for Minfin

Cai & Lenard’s Investment Practice team has successfully implemented the project on attraction of foreign investments in development of one of the leading Ukrainian business resources - Minfin

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No country for fraudsters

Cai & Lenard’s attorneys of the White Collar Practice have successfully defended the foreign investors which had suffered from fraud. A team of experts has made the illegal resolution on criminal proceedings closure be cancelled and the criminal case about the multimillion fraud be restored.

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