International Trade

Transparent business environment, fair trade partners, precise and stable arrangements with them - these are three major elements of an ideal environment for business according to the majority of clients of Cai & Lenard.
Business is always a risk, but the most difficult stages can be passed through with the assistance of Cai & Lenard experts.

Establishing new trade relations, carrying out complex transactions and overcoming bureaucratic procedures are always better with the help of specialists in the commercial law.

Cai & Lenard Attorneys specialize in domestic and international law, in particular:
• Represent the interests of manufacturers and importers in trade remedy procedures
• Draft and advise clients on contracts (domestic and international supply and transportation, leasing, technology transfer, etc.)
• Provide opinions regarding the terms of contracts, and their compliance with the law and trade practices, as well as associated risks
• Provide legal support to clients during the customs procedures and in court disputes over regulations and decisions of customs authorities

Cai & Lenard has established partnership relations with foreign law firms in the field of commercial law, therefore, the firm supports its clients both in Ukraine and abroad.