Cai & Lenard takes care about the legal side of its clients’ investments. To an investor who starts business, lawyers of Cai & Lenard will help to define and create the optimal business model.

The experience of the Firm in the formation of holding companies in Ukraine will be useful to the investor whose business reached the new level of development that requires the secured model of governance to be created.
An investor who acquires assets or any operating business in Ukraine, may obtain the legal support of Cai & Lenard experts for such an acquisition or to engage them at any stage where he may need legal assistance.
Legal advisers  of Cai & Lenard:
• Carry out a legal inspection of the investment object (Due Diligence)
• Prepare the transaction documents and negotiate them
• Conduct antitrust clearance and obtain all necessary permits
• Provide legal support in all areas relating to structured and project financing
• Support transactions with securities, corporate rights and perform all necessary registrations

Moreover, lawyers of Cai & Lenard have extensive experience in settling investment and corporate disputes, which certainly helps to avoid losses and reduce investment risks.