Domestic Arbitration and ADR

We’ll build our own court … with grounded judgments and unbiased judges!

 Starting from 2004, the Ukrainian parties have been able to resolve their disputes not only in state courts, but also in non-state arbitration courts. The arbitration court is an independent body set up by the agreement or decision of the involved parties to solve their disputed arisen from civil or commercial relationships. Under the agreement of the parties, any dispute may be submitted to the arbitration court, except for the following instances related to:

─      invalidation of regulations, resolutions, rules or other legislation documents;

─      contracts to satisfy the state’s needs;

─      state secrecy;

─      family relationships other than nuptial agreements;

─      bankruptcy;

─      cases where a state authority, local municipality, state enterprise or organization is involved as a party;

─      real estate, including land;

─      special procedures of establishing the facts having legal effect;

─      labour relationships;

─      corporate relationship; 

─      exclusive competence of the state courts or the Constitutional Court of Ukraine;

─      cases where a non-residents of Ukraine is involved as a party;

─      cases where satisfaction of the claim de facto results in compelling the state authority or local municipality to act in specific manner;

─      customers protection issues, including the customers of banks (credit unions).

As of the beginning of 2013, there were 69 registered permanent arbitration courts in Ukraine.