Legal BooHaHa Rating

It turns out that not only the law is harsh in Ukraine, but law firms’ partners are very restrained as well. To All Fools' Day 2013 a hundred best law firms was selected, profiles of 333 partners were carefully analyzed by Cai & Lenard’s researchers who found out...that law firms’ partners smile very rarely!

We are pleased to represent a research regarding law firms’ partners’ smiles

Construction in ukraine: administrative impact on construction works

In this report we have tried to reflect the impact of the Ukrainian state and local authorities while their performing the controlling, supervising and other functions directly concerned to the construction process. Identification of powers of the state and local authorities that are able to hinder the construction process, determination of the basis for interference and risk assessment is a primary goal for this research.

Ukraine. Arbitration-friendly jurisdiction: 2011-2012 statistical report

This statistical report is based on the study of the practice of Ukrainian courts related to recognition of arbitration agreements and recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards. The study covers 2011 and the first half of 2012.

Transfer pricing: ukrainian and world experience

The research includes analysis of Ukrainian and European experience in fighting the tax evasion, flow of capital to the offshore zones, establishing control over the transfer pricing. The research presents forecasts regarding the implementation of the European standards of transfer pricing in Ukraine. (The research paper is available in Russian only)

Legal cases on consumer rights protection in relation to online stores

For 10 000 Ukrainian online stores and their clients, Cai & Lenard identified and summarized the main grounds for legal claims of consumers, the most common demands of the customers of Internet-shops; deduced statistics on satisfaction of plaintiffs’ claims and appeals on corresponding judicial decisions, etc.

More than 44 thousand of legal cases related to consumer rights protection in 2006-2010 were analyzed in the course of research. (The research paper is available in Ukrainian only)

Intellectual Property in the Internet: Protection Methods

The research shows why owners of websites become liable even when the violation was committed by the user who had loaded illegal content; reveals interesting features of the corresponding national court proceedings and international disputes resolution. The research also presents a model action plan for the cases of violations of intellectual property rights in the Internet. (The research paper is available in Russian only)